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Da Nang Itinerary 3 Days – What to do in Danang for 3 days

Da Nang, central Vietnam’s biggest city, lies on the central coast of Vietnam, considered to be the most livable city in Vietnam. Han river runs through the centre, necessitating a number of bridges that connect the city to the white sand beaches. One of them, shaped like a dragon and illuminated by thousands of lights, changes colour at night and blows fire from its “mouth” in a spectacular weekly display.  The city is a growing, bustling city with a lot going on. Check out our suggested Danang Itinerary 3 Days and what to do in Danang to make your trip more awesome.

Da Nang Itinerary 3 Days

DAY 1:  Marble Mountain- Linh Ung Pagoda – Hoi An Ancient Town

-10h: Airport Pickup at Danang International Airport.

-11h: Have lunch with Danang Signature: Banh Trang Thi Heo and Quang Noodles

-14h: Check-in at the hotel.

-15h:  Visit Non Nuoc and Marble Mountain, explore the beauty of misterious caves, visit hundreds- year-old Linh Ung and Tam Thai Temple.

-16h: Depart to Hoi An

-18h: Have dinner with Hoi An Specialities.

-19h: Shopping at Hoi An Ancient Town.

-21h30:  Back to Da Nang and explore its beauty at night.

Day 2: Love Bridge – Son Tra Peninsula – Bana Hills

– 7h: Have breakfast at hotel.

– 8h: Visit Love Bridge and ” Carp Turns into A Dragon” Statue

– 10h: Visit Son Tra Peninsula and admire the holistic view of Da Nang Beach city.

– 12h: Have Buffet at a restaurant.

– 14h: Depart to Ba Na Hills

– Check in at Golden Bridge

– Take selfie at the French Village and have fun activities at indoor playground.

– 18h: Have Buffet and enjoy free 1 litre of German beer at Ba Na Hill.

– 19h: Explore Ba Na at night

– 21h00: Back to Da Nang.

Day 3: An Spa – Han Market

– 7h: Have breakfast at the hotel and check out.

– 8h: Pamper yourself with a massage at An Spa.

– 10h: Shopping at Han Market

– 11h: Have some snacks at Han Market

– 12h: See off at the airport

Da Nang Itinerary 3D2N


After a long flight to Da Nang, let’s have some Da Nang Signautures with Quang Noodles and Banh Trang Thit Heo.

Ảnh: @slowlife

Ảnh: @slowlife

After lunch, get to the hotels and have some rest, then start to explore your dream trip to Da Nang :

Marble Mountain


Ảnh: @Zing News

Photo: @Zing News

Danang Itinerary 3 Days

Photo: @Huỳnh Văn Truyền

Danang Itinerary 3 Days

Photo: @leonlau31

Non Nuoc stone carving village

Danang Itinerary 3 days: @dulichvietnam

Photo: @dulichvietnam

Thanks to great sophistication of artworks and tiny vivid souvenirs, Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village has long been famous worldwide. Visiting this village, tourists will have a chance to admire skilful carvers creating their beautiful sculptures.

Hoi An Ancient Town the yellow city of Vietnam

The first impression many tourists get upon arrival in Hoi An is the charm of the many houses of dark yellow color.

Hoi An has houses built in the French colonial time, Japanese temples, and wooden houses of Chinese merchants. However, the conversion of culture and architectural style is not what makes a unique impression. The most striking thing entering the old town is the characteristic dark yellow color of the majority of houses.

Don’t forget these most beautifully instagramable spots such as: Japanese Covered Bridge, Phung Hung Ancient Town, Tra Que Pottery Village, ect.

Things to do in Danang - Danang Itinerary 3 Days: @justin.earthwalker

Japanese Covered Bridge. Photo: @justin.earthwalker

Ảnh: @divienbi

photo: @divienbi

Ảnh: @thongtincongnghe

Photo: @thongtincongnghe

Hoi An is not only beautiful during the daytime, it is also stunning at night with sparkling lanterns, trendy bistros, cafes, bars and artistic lounges, and live music venues.  When the sun sets, the pedestrian-friendly streets of Hoi An transform into a vibrant display of traditional lanterns, folk dance performances, and lit candles floating down Thu Bon River. While most cities in Vietnam are known for turning their lights off early, these nightlife spots stay open (and busy) until 03:00 – perfect for travellers looking to party the night away with fun-loving locals. Aside from serving arguably the cheapest beer in the world, these lively bars and pubs also offer attractive happy hour promotions while local artists and international DJs play a variety of music genres.

Ảnh: @phuongvan.pham

Photo: @phuongvan.pham

What’s more, you will be tempted with Hoi An dishes such as: Cao Lau (26 Thai Phien), Hoi An Bread ( Phuong Lady), Ba Buoi Chicken Rice ( 26 Phan Chau Trinh), etc.

Ảnh: @lorenawi

Photo: @lorenawi

Ảnh: @minhhuong

photo: @minhhuong

Things to do in Dang for 3 days

Photo: @hoangquynh


After having breakfast at your hotels, continue to visit must-see destinations in Danang

Linh Ung Pagoda

Traveling along the coastal road will see Linh Ung Pagoda located on Son Tra Peninsula. This is the largest temple in Da Nang city both in scale and architectural art.

Danang Itinerary 3 days

Photo: @Hương Giang

The pagoda brings a contemporary style combined with inherent tradition of pagodas in Vietnam, with a curved roof in dragon shape, the solid pillars surrounded by sophisticated sinuous dragons.

Danang Itinerary

Photo: @Như Quỳnh

Danang Itinerary 3 Days

Danang City View from Linh Ung Pagoda. Photo: @Như Quỳnh



Whoever coming to Danang wish to visit Ba Na Hills once.  Ba Na Hills is coined as a “dropped heaven on earth”, which boasts ideal climate and delightful natural landscape. Visitors who travel to Ba Na Hills are lavished with the changeable four seasons in a single day and a diverse set of festive, recreational activities and places of interest.

See more: Comprehensive travel guide to Ba Na Hills and tips to save your budget.

What to do in Danang for 3 days - Danang Itinerary 3 Days: @Mercure Đà Nẵng French Village BaNa Hills

Photo: @Mercure Đà Nẵng French Village BaNa Hills

Things to do in Danang for 3 days - Danang Itinerary 3 days

Photo: @danangfantasticity

In order to visit Bana Hills, you need to use 5km lenghth cable car network to the top.  The cable car network of  Ba Na hills was ranked by CNN as one of the 10 most impressive cable car infrastructure systems worldwide. It will be an unforgetable experience on the cable car with the height of 1500m and enjoying the feeling of floating on the cloud.

Thing to do in Danang 3 days - Danang Itinerary 3 days @danangfantasticity

Photo: @danangfantasticity

What to do in Danang 3 Days - Danang Itinerary

Photo: @danangfantasticity

Coming to Bà Nà Hills, you might feel lost in the Europe with romantic classic French architect. There are a wide range of modern service such as restaurants, adventure games at Fantasy Park, Museum, … which can please any visitors.

What to do in Danang for 3 days - Danang Itinerary

Photo: @alenazilanova

What to do in Danang for 3 days

Photo: @erineeeeee

What to do in Danang for 3 days - Danang Itinerary 3 days

Photo: @streetartglobe

After having lunch buffet at Ba Na Hill, you can visit French Village with many selfie opportunity or visit Golden Bridge at Thien Thai Garden ( Paradise Garden) at Ba Na Hills. The bridge is impressively designed in the middle of the sky, 1413 metre from sea level.

This bridge is regarded as a special transit stop to deliver visitors from the mountain foot or the French Village to La Jardin D’Amour Gardens.

Ảnh: @SunWorldBaNaHills

Photo: @SunWorldBaNaHills

DAY 3: Shopping at Han Market. 

While Da Nang’s shopping scene pales in comparison to busier cities such as Hanoi or Saigon, there are, in fact, a handful of prominent local markets within the city center that are worth spending a morning.

Han Market is a significant landmark in Da Nang, having been in operation since the French occupancy in the 1940s. This local market hosts hundreds of stalls selling an array of local produce, handicrafts, T-shirts, and accessories. Set in front of Han Market are fruit stalls where you can purchase tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, durian, and jackfruit. Ideal as souvenirs for loved ones back home, make sure you stock up on prepacked chili paste, Ly Son garlic, rice crackers, and dried squid.

Danang Itinerary - What to do in Danang for 3 days- Han Market

Han Market’s indoor food court offers just about any Vietnamese dish you can think of, from Mi Quang (Vietnamese turmeric noodles) and com tam (broken rice) to banh xeo (crispy pancake) and goi cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls), each of which should cost you no more than VND 30,000.

After roaming around the market, have a massage for relaxation to prepare for your next flight

Best time to visit Da Nang

There are two seasons here: wet and dry, though it may still rain briefly in summer and there is often a gorgeous beach day thrown into the mix during the rainy season. Temperatures range from about 20 C to 40 C throughout the year, though it’s most often between 25 C and 35 C.

Dry Season in Da Nang

The dry season in Da Nang occurs from January to September, and these months are hot and humid. The highest average temperature is around 33 to 35 degrees Celsius (91 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and the lowest is around 26 degrees Celsius (~79 degrees Fahrenheit). The hottest months of the year fall between June and August.

Wet season in Da Nang

From October to March is when heavy rainfall occurs. At this time of the year, the rain will come frequently which makes the city much cooler. The average temperature is around 25.5 degrees Celsius (~78 degrees Fahrenheit) and the coolest months are November to January. Unfortunately, this time of the year is the typhoon season. There will be thunderstorms which could cause bad floods so you should check the weather forecast beforehand.

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