Hanoi Weather February – Travel Tips To Hanoi in January

Hanoi Weather February – Travel Tips To Hanoi in January

If you are planning to visit Hanoi in February then prepare yourself to encounter with numerous festivals, especially Lunar New Year (or Tet)- the biggest public holiday in Vietnam usually takes places in February. Hanoi Weather February offers the chance to explore this beautiful city with warm temperature and little rain which is suitable for any outdoor activities.

Hanoi weather February

As Lunar New Year usually takes place in this month, February is definitely the most festive month of a year. The temperature increases a little bit compared to January but still cold enough to support a number of outdoor festivals as well as enhance your appetite.

Hanoi weather in February becomes a little warmer with its average temperature from 14-21 Celcius degree in a day and drizzling rain and mist occur more often, especially in the morning. Besides jackets and gloves for early morning and night motorbike trip, taking an umbrella with you for walking tour in the drizzling rain sounds romantic.

January February March
Average High 19 C degree 21 C degree 23 C degree
Average Low 13 C degree 14 C degree 17 C degree
Humidity 68% 70% 75%
Precipitation 21mm 28mm 46mm
Number of wet days 2 days 3 days  4 days

Travel Tips for February in Hanoi

Visitors come to Hanoi and Vietnam during February are really lucky because there are numerous festivals as well as special dishes exclusively available in Tet for you to explore. Arriving at Hanoi about one week before Tet to enjoy bustling climate here, when people are in a hurry to prepare for Tet; and witness the beauty of thousand species of flowers and tree in flower markets around the city.

From the 5th January (Lunar Calendar), Hanoi’s festival season start off with Dong Da festival, Lieu Doi wrestling festival, Giong Temple festival and Co Loa Temple festival. It may take days to name all the festival occurring during the month in Hanoi, not to mention Vietnam, so why don’t you come to see one by one?

Hanoi’s streets are deserted from evening of 30th December to 3rd January would be the best chance for contemplative travelers to enjoy its silent beauty with a camera. However, the backside of it is there is barely any store or restaurant open during the days.

If you don’t hesitate of it’s cold, bustling climate with muddy in rain sometimes and sharply increase in prices, you will be well awarded with exciting festival here as well as the whole country. February Hanoi is really worth a visit.

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