• Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in June

    Dalat on the summer days offers cool weather and suitable for a weekend getaway on summer days from any region of Vietnam. Weather on this occasion is great for all trips, the temperature is only around 20 – 22 degrees Celsius, there is cool breeze June is among the rainy season in Da Lat, thus rains will appears, creating a signature romantic scenery of Da Lat. Green hills with beautiful flower blossoms at the same time are one of the best lanscape of Da Lat at this time.

  • Ban Gioc

    Thang Hen Lake – A Charming ever-sapphire-blue lake in the middle of the forest

    Located above 1000m from sea level, Thang Hen Lake consist of 36 natural freshwater lakes with 3000m in length and 1000m in width, 10-40 in depth. Thang Hen Lake is featured with charming landscape of green trees, blue water, and the bending lozenge shape around the valley. This lake is promising to be one of the top attractions in Cao Bang province, along with the breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfalls.   Thang Hen Lake is mesmerised us with its beautiful sapphire-blue surface like a jade mirrow, nested between the green forest, creating a stunning picturesque. You will be immersed yourself in nature with old forests and rocks. Thang Hen means “bee’s tail” because…

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall
    Ban Gioc,  VIETNAM

    How to get from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall

    Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Asia, it is top 4 waterfalls on planets. Ban Gioc Waterfall and its surrounding attractions like Lenin Stream, Pac Bo Cave are becoming one of must-see destinations in Vietnam. The best time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall is autumn, when it is extremely stunning with strong water falling down, surrounded by golden rice fields. This spectacular scenery goes beyond imagination. Since Ban Gioc Waterfall is 370km northeastward from Hanoi, the best way to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall from Hanoi is by private car or bus, riding motorbike is not recommended since the road is quite dangerous, especially in rainy…

  • Sapa,  Things to do in Vietnam

    10 Important Notes when Going to Fansipan Legend Cable Car in Sapa

    Before Fansipan Legend cable car was built, the only way to conquer Fansipan – ” the roof of Indochina” was by hiking 2-3 days. However, from now on, with just 15 minutes, you can reach to the top of Fansipan and admire the best experience of being on top, gazing out to the breathtaking mountainous scenery. However, there are some notes when going to Fansipan cable car that you should keep in mind to have a safe and joyful trip.   https://www.facebook.com/AmazingThingsInVietnam/videos/1668315089977545/ See more: Comprehensive Travel Guide to Sapa from A-Z How to get from Hanoi to Sapa 1. Fansipan Cable Car Price The Fansipan Legend Cable Car price is…

  • Ban Gioc

    Ban Gioc Accomodation Reviews

    If you are planing to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall, you might wander where to stay in Ban Gioc, how is Ban Gioc accommodation. Well, Ban Gioc Waterfalls is definitely one of the most wonders in Vietnam and it beauty and spectacularness is not deniable. According to local experts, there is not so many options regarding Ban Gioc accommodation. It is recommended to stay in Trung Khanh District or Cao Bang City, which is 80km away from Ban Gioc Waterfall since it is more options. Following is our selected homestays that you may See more: Best time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall #1 Primrosé Homestay Cao Bang This homestay is a…

  • Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in May

    Rainy season in Dalat usually starts in late April, early May. The rain starts to come to the city of thousand flowers. Weather at this time is usually bad, with rain, cloudy, high temperatures and humidity. Low pressure and the sea in the East Sea is also one of the factors that affect the city at this time, thus making May is not an ideal time to visit Da Lat. The temperature is only about 18 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, the big difference of temperature between day and night, as well as the rains scatter throughout the day are some alert for visitors when coming to Da Lat…

  • Da Lat

    Da Lat Weather in March

    March in the plateau of Da Lat, though still a bit of wet and cold in the early spring. In the morning the streets are quite dry, the air is clear and not very wet. However, in the late afternoon the rain drops and a bit of mist will make many visitors excited about this new thing. The fresh air will give you a relaxing moment to refresh your mind. Especially, this month, in the dry season and coincide with the northeast monsoon season, the dampness will quickly disappear.

  • Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in February

    Known as one of the tourist destinations, attracting the largest number of tourists in the country, Da Lat has a great advantage when the weather is extremely cool with lush green valleys, fresh air, spacious area amidst the tropical hot and humid country. February in Da Lat weather is pretty cool. The temperature is still 19 degrees Celsius and  In particular, February is the month in the dry season so the difference of temperature between day and night can sometimes reach to 14 degrees Celsius. The change of temperature between day and night makes a significant difference in the weather. You can see the 4 seasons in a day when…

  • Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in January

    January is among driest month in Da Lat. Da Lat Weather in January is not influenced much by a large volume of air of the South China Sea, which is characterized by sunny weather, low night temperatures, high daytime temperatures, low humidity and very low temperatures with little rain. Average temperature in Da Lat in January is only 15.6 degrees Celsius. However, since it is in the dry season, the amplitude of the temperature in a day is quite big, creating different weather in a day, attracting many visitors coming to this romantic city. Average temperature: 15,8oC Average high temperature: 28,5oC Average low temperature:  4,3oC Relative humidity:  82%