Top 10 Sapa Attractions with Entrance Fee 2020

1. Ham Rong Mountain

Adults: 70,000 / person

Children: 20,000 / person

Ham Rong is one of the popular Sapa attractions. This is home to a variety of flowers and orchard gardens. Wandering stone paths will lead you to wild peach forest, then orchid gardens with greater than 6000 orchid vegetation belonging to 194 sorts. In addition, there are a whole lot of indigenous and unique flowers grown alongside the paths like Lily of the Nile, hydrangea, geraniums, cheery blossom…

You can also find mountain fruits like peach, plum, and pear. The surroundings hidden within the fog and echo sound from bamboo flute of Mong boy.

Up to a height of 2000m above sea level, you will arrive at the second scenic spot, Sapa Telecommunication Station. From here, you will see the majestic beauty of Fansipan Mountain – the highest peak in Southeast Asia.

The third viewpoint and also the most beautiful viewpoint in Ham Rong mountain is “San May” or “Cloud Yard” as you will see clouds hovering at your feet, creating a feeling of floating in the heaven.

From Ham Rong view point - Sapa Attractions

Looking down from the Cloud Yard, you will see the panorama of Sapa town hidden in the clouds, Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village and beautiful terraced fields on Ta Van village.

If you follow the cliff for another 10 minutes, you will see the Heavenly Gate at the top of Ham Rong. As the golden sun shines, the view of the Heavenly Gate becomes clearer, this is also the moment the Heavenly Gate becomes more beautiful than ever.

2. Cat Cat village

Amidst the natural scenery of the majestic mountains and forests of Sapa, there is a small rustic village that makes anyone fall in love to it when coming to Sapa. That is the charming Cat Cat village with simple wooden houses, small streams, colorful brocades, and authentic ethnic people.

Cat Cat Entrance Fee: 50,000 / person

The winding road leads to Cat Cat village

The winding road leads to Cat Cat village


3. Silver Waterfall: 20,000 / person

4. Tram Ton – Love Waterfall 75,000 / person
5. Ta Phin Village: 20 000 VND/ person
6. Ta Van Village: 70 000 VND / person
7. Ban Ho Village: 15 000 VND/ person
8. Fansipan Cable Car:

+ Aldult: 700 000 VND / person

+ Train : 70 000 VND

Children: 500,000 VND/ person

Mountain train from Muong Hoa to Fansipan Cable Car:  70,000 VND / person /1 way up

and 80,000 VND /person/way down.

+ Tickets to visit common routes in Sapa:

Route 1:  Sapa – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Thanh Phu – Nam Sai – Nam Cang – Sapa: 70,000 VND / person
Route 2:  Tram Ton – Suoi Vang – Love Love Adult: 70,000 / person / Children: 30,000 VND / person
Route 4:  Tram Ton – Old Forest: 40,000 VND / person
Route 5: Ha Khau Immigration Check point: 230,000 / person
Route 6: Sapa – Sin Chai and Sapa – Ta Phin Adults: 40,000 / person / Children: 20,000 / person

+ Fansipan hiking entrance fee : 150,000 VND/ person

+ Fee for Hanoi – Lao Cai highway: 480,000 / trip


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