• Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in August

    Located about 300km from Ho Chi Minh City, the highland of Da lat is always on the top choice for tourists who love tranquility and romantic scenery of this place. A trip to Da Lat in August would be a great idea to have a great moment in Vietnam. Da Lat Weather in August – The Rainy Season Rainy season in Da Lat lasts from June to October. However,  Da Lat in August is not too cold. Rains in Da Lat is short and not too heavy. Fortunately, rains usually appear in the early morning and late afternoon, thus it doesn’t affect much your trip to Da Lat at this…

  • Ninh Binh

    Ninh Binh Weather in August

    Ninh Binh Weather in August is also more pleasant than the previous months. The heat is replaced by cool weather and cool breeze, which is a signal for upcoming autumn. The temperature varies from 24 to 30ºC. The humidity is relatively stable  75%. The rainfall in August is about 185mm. It is divided into 16 days of rain. The weather is milder than June and July, very suitable for short trips to Ninh Binh. Visit Tam Coc or Trang An are wonderful. 0.0 00       

  • Nha Trang,  Weather

    Nha Trang Weather in August

    In August, Nha Trang still maintains this wonderful weather. The temperature ranges 26-32 oC, make it favorable for a beach holiday. Discovering every corner of Nha Trang, we can see the greatness of Nha Trang: wonderful services, friendly people with fresh seafood. Hon Tre island is always the first choice for luxury travelers. Vinpearl Land is also the top destination in any Nha Trang itinerary. You will be offered with best services, modern and  comfortable for shopping and entertainment. Other destinations such as Hon Chong Island, Mun island, Hon island, Tam island, , Yen island …are always must-visit for all visitors. See more: Nha Trang Weather in JanuaryNha Trang Weather…

  • Phu Quoc,  Weather

    Phu Quoc Island Weather in August

    During the peak of the rainy season, the jade island in August still has a lot of rain. As an island district, far from the mainland, Phu Quoc is still influenced by the sea, the wind direction, the wind speed of the ocean. This month, the rainfall is very high, about 20 days of rain in the month, the temperature remains at an average from 25oC – 30oC, high humidity, about 85%. Heavy rain interrupts beach activities. However, you can still visit Phu Quoc prison, visit Phu Quoc National Park and see the typical species of this sea. See more: Phu Quoc Island Weather in January Phu Quoc Island Weather…

  • Danang,  Weather

    Da Nang Weather in August

    This is the starting month of rainy season in Da Nang, yet rainfall is not that high. Because the region is affected by the sea, wind direction and sea wind velocity, there are sudden rains with strong wind this month. Temperature is from 25 to 33.9 degree Celsius, with 85% of humidity. Sudden rain might trouble visitors sometimes, but they are not the barrier in fact. Feel free to spend your day in Cham museum or pagodas here. Just bear in mind to bring with you a light and water-proof jacket, then your trip is well-protected against those!   Da Nang Weather by month Da Nang Weather in January Da Nang…

  • Hoian,  Weather

    Hoi An Weather in August

    August witnesses the begin of rainy season. Locals say Hoi An this time is like a good-looking yet sad guy wearing on a dark colour clothes to make his look even sadder because of his one-side crush on a Hue lady. During this month, the temperature decreases, saves the places for the rain. Let’s say goodbye to beaches this time and go on a journey to religion diversity  and adaption of Hoi An by visiting society’s premises, churches and pagodas.   Hoi An Weather by month Hoi An Weather in January Hoi An Weather in February Hoi An Weather in March Hoi An Weather in April Hoi An Weather in…

  • Halong Bay,  Weather

    Halong Bay Weather in August

    August is the last month of summer, however it is among the hottest months in the year in Ha Long Bay with an average temperature of 29°C.  During the summer month you may see temperatures high of up to 32°C, which is the highest in the year, or lows of 25°C which is still hot. August also has the highest average monthly rainfall of the year with 1200mm falling over an average of 16 days. During the month, you will get an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day which is the lowest in the year. Because of the high rainfall and low amount of sunshine hours, be sure to check the weather forecast before planning days out if…

  • Ho Chi Minh City,  Weather

    Ho Chi Minh Weather in August

    August weather is still hot and rainy, although the temperature is quite high, the rain drops suddenly that usually last only a few minutes to make the atmosphere cooler and refresh the city. Rainfall is about 275mm with 12 rainy days in the month. The average  temperature is about 28°C. High temperature remains from 24-30°C during four consecutive months from June to September. In addition, high humidity (84%) makes the weather hotter and the atmosphere It becomes quite oppressive, especially during the day. Therefore, you should wear long sleeves at noon to avoid extreme heat and sunlight. A trip to the stork garden in Thu Duc district in hot days…

  • Hanoi

    Hanoi Weather in August

    August marks the arrival of Autumn in Hanoi as well as the northern part of Vietnam. Although the temperature in this month is still high, there are still light winds that make the air cooler and less muggy. The average temperature is about 29-30 degrees Celsius, the average low temperature is 27oC, the average high temperature is 32oC. At this time, the climate in Hanoi is relatively stable with little change. The humidity remains about 75%. August is at the peak of the rainy season with 296 mm of rainfall, divided into 18 days of rain. The sudden rain and heavy rain are also frequent this month. In general, the…