• Da Lat,  Weather

    Da Lat Weather in June

    Dalat on the summer days offers cool weather and suitable for a weekend getaway on summer days from any region of Vietnam. Weather on this occasion is great for all trips, the temperature is only around 20 – 22 degrees Celsius, there is cool breeze June is among the rainy season in Da Lat, thus rains will appears, creating a signature romantic scenery of Da Lat. Green hills with beautiful flower blossoms at the same time are one of the best lanscape of Da Lat at this time. 0.0 00       

  • Ninh Binh,  Weather

    Ninh Binh Weather in June

    North Vietnam in general is very hot in June and Ninh Binh is no exception. The temperature increases with average low temperature is 26ºC and average high temperature is about 36-38ºC. However, Ninh Binh Weather in June is still more pleasant than other regions around since it is surrounded by rocky mountains, especially, at night, Ninh Binh weather is cool with light breeze, making it great destinations for weekend getaway to avoid the heat.     0.0 00       

  • Nha Trang,  Weather

    Nha Trang Weather in June

    Nha Trang Weather in June Coming to Nha Trang in June, you will experience this city at the most bustle and hustle as the city is alway crowded with a large number of visitors coming to this city. This is summer break in Vietnam. The temperature is only 26-32oC and the weather is extremely stable, here, you will enjoy your holiday without fear of any hiccups. Almost highlight destinations in Nha Trang can be accessible because the weather in Nha Trang is really great. Nha Trang Weather in JanuaryNha Trang Weather in February Nha Trang Weather in March Nha Trang Weather in April Nha Trang Weather in May Nha Trang Weather in…

  • Phu Quoc,  Weather

    Phu Quoc Island Weather in June

    June arrive on the pearl island with the summer rain, rainfall in the month increased. Along with the peak of tourists in the summer, Phu Quoc these months are welcoming a large number of visitors both domestically and internationally. At this time, the average monthly temperature is only 26oC – 30oC. Rainfall also increases, about 17 days per month with rain, along with the humidity gradually increases about 84%. As the peak time of the year, in June, tourists have started to flock to Phu Quoc to enjoy the full flavor of the sea, immersed in the blue water, alternating it is the picnic to Suoi Tien, Bat Cave, Thom…

  • Weather

    Da Nang Weather in June

    This is probably the hottest month in a year in Da Nang. The temperature is high and the weather is harshly hot. Average temperature is calculated as from 25.5 to 33.9 degree Celsius, some days can be reached 40 degree. There are occasional rains this month but they are not enough to release the heat. Thus, the interesting activities in the region this time is all about beaches. You can feel the difference of the weather inside and outside, also in the city and at the beaches. Please note down these appealing beaches in Da Nang for your upcoming trip in June: Son Tra, My Khe, Ghenh Bang, Cua Dai…

  • Hoian,  Weather

    Hoi An Weather in June

    The fluctuation of temperature in June is between 23 to 28 degree Celsius which create a dry atmosphere for the region. You can rent a bike, motorbike or take a bus to visit many destinations. We still recommend My Son sanctuary in your travel itinerary this time, since the shadow and glow of the ancient heritage are perfectly perfect for your sunset and sunrise photography. In the afternoon, get your way to the beaches, then lazily walk around the ancient town and later, immerse yourself into the crowd on the streets for a night hang out.   Hoi An Weather by month Hoi An Weather in January Hoi An Weather…

  • Halong Bay,  Weather

    Halong Bay Weather in June

    June is the start of a busy tourist season in Halong. The scorching hot and muggy starts to appear in June, the heat level is rising. The average low temperature is 29oC, the average high temperature is about 37 – 38oC. However, at night the weather seems more pleasant, the wind from the sea does not cause suffocating feeling. This is ideal place to hide from the heat of the summer. Rainfall in June is relatively high, over 1000mm, the rains appear more often and this month also marks the beginning of rainy season in Halong Bay.   Halong Bay Weather By Month  Halong Bay Weather in January Halong Bay…

  • Ho Chi Minh City,  Weather

    Ho Chi Minh Weather in June

    June weather in HCMC is typical for the rainy season weather with high humidity at 83% and high rainfall at 325 mm. The temperature is about 24-34 ° C. Half of the month are rainy, expected up to 15 days. Frequent rain can cause flooding, so umbrellas, raincoats are always your companion. However, half of the month is filled with sunshine and you still have the opportunity to participate in fun festivals and other outdoor activities. This month, there is a fruit festival at Suoi Tien (District 9, HCMC) – the biggest fruit festival in Vietnam, attracting many tourists. If you have the chance to attend this event every year,…

  • Hanoi

    Hanoi Weather in June

    The hot and sultry summer has arrived in Hanoi in June. However, the interesting thing is that June is also the start of domestic tourist season in Hanoi for their summer break. The number of visitors is increasing significantly in recent years. The average temperature at night is 28 degrees Celsius, humidity is 75% hot even at night. While the temperature of the day is 35 degrees Celsius, and up to 38 degrees Celsius on the peak of hot days, the sunburns uncomfortable at noon. The rains were less frequent than in May but the sudden rains come with a higher level of 229mm. You may also like: Best places to…