• Da Lat

    Da Lat Weather in March

    March in the plateau of Da Lat, though still a bit of wet and cold in the early spring. In the morning the streets are quite dry, the air is clear and not very wet. However, in the late afternoon the rain drops and a bit of mist will make many visitors excited about this new thing. The fresh air will give you a relaxing moment to refresh your mind. Especially, this month, in the dry season and coincide with the northeast monsoon season, the dampness will quickly disappear. 0.0 00       

  • Ninh Binh,  Weather

    Ninh Binh Weather in March

    Ninh Binh Weather in March is quite cool and pleasant with the average temperature is about 20ºC. The temperature is kept at an suitable level, not too cold nor too hot to sweat, this is the time visitors come to Ninh Binh to attend festivals in Trang An Relic, Tam coc or sneak into the festive atmosphere of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. The ideal weather really support visitor coming here at this time. The average temperature is about 170 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is about 230C, the humidity is 75% higher this month, the average monthly rainfall is 35mm. Light rain will appear in the end of the…

  • Ha Giang,  Weather

    Ha Giang Weather in March

    It is said that March is the ideal time to visit Ha Giang Vietnam as it offers the dry along with the bright weather condition to the visitors. In Ha Giang you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and also expect to experience the clear blue and beautiful sky which will attract the attention of every visitor. It can also be the best time to trek and therefore, it will definitely attract the adventure lovers. The highlands and the mountains are the attractive places that attract the trek lovers. In the month of March you will also experience there is the rise in the temperature, but still you will feel the…

  • Nha Trang,  Weather

    Nha Trang Weather in March

    Nha Trang Weather in March is cool and pleasant. The temperature ranges from 23-29oC with low rainfall of 20.7mm, the weather is almost dry and cool, making Nha Trang a great destination to visit in March. At this time, Nha trang begins to welcome the very first visitors to have their summer holiday. The city bustles with wedding & honeymoons and quite busy with the festive season. At the same time, friendly & hospitable people here always make people closer together. The must-see attractions include Hon Tre, Hon Chong, Hon Mun ect. Nha Trang Weather in January Nha Trang Weather in February Nha Trang Weather in March Nha Trang Weather in…

  • Phu Quoc,  Weather

    Phu Quoc Island Weather in March

    March marks the end of the dry season in Phu Quoc Island, the average temperature is about 28oC Phu Quoc, with warm temperatures, not too high, Phu Quoc is the perfect place for a beach holiday in Vietnam in March. As it is still in the dry season, rainfall at this time does not increase significantly, only about 50 mm / month. With an average humidity of 76%, Phu Quoc weather at this time is very beautiful and attracts large numbers of visitors. At the end of the dry season, March is the end of harvesting pepper, the harvest is made before the start of a new crop. Pepper gardens…

  • Weather

    Danang Weather in March

    The temperature in march gradually increases, make the area a bit warmer. It is from 21.5 to 28.7 degree Celsius with 79% of humidity calculated. Rainfall is low, about 22.4mm. March is considered to be the driest month in a year in Da Nang. Coming to Da Nang this time, you can join Quan Ying festival taken placed on 19th of lunar February annually, which has been designed to be bigger and bigger year after year. Da Nang Weather by month Da Nang Weather in January Da Nang Weather in February Da Nang  Weather in March Da Nang Weather in April Da Nang Weather in May Da Nang Weather in June…

  • Hoian,  Weather

    Hoi An Weather in March

    Hoi An wear a glorious sunlight in March. The town is just like a long blonde hair lady chilling on the seashore full of wind and sun. Don’t worry about the heat, since the sunlight this time is just a signal to announce the begin of dry season. Somewhere in the town there is a hint of a little cold. Hoi An Weather by month Hoi An Weather in January Hoi An Weather in February Hoi An Weather in March Hoi An Weather in April Hoi An Weather in May Hoi An Weather in June Hoi An Weather in July Hoi An Weather in August Hoi An Weather in September…

  • Halong Bay,  Weather

    Halong Bay Weather in March

    At the beginning of March, the weather is still cold and the weather is not much different from January and February. Visitors still need to bring warm clothes and towels. However, from the middle of the month onwards, the temperature rises and the number of sunny days is also higher. The average low temperature is about 170C, the average high temperature is about 25oC. The weather is cooler and more pleasant, not too hot nor too cold at the end of the month. However, there are occasional northeasterly winds, so be careful with your health and wear warm clothing. Moisture 75%, average rainfall 255mm, the end of the month appears…

  • Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh Weather in March

    Weather in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in March Weather in  Ho Chi Minh City in March is almost the same as in February with sunshine and very little rain. This weather is ideal for visitors to visit and enjoy the fresh air, cool in the green space. Daytime temperatures range from 23-33 ° C which is quite pleasant. Rainfall is about 15mm, equivalent to about 2 days of rain with lower humidity (70%) compared to other months, making March is a little bit dry. The warm weather is ideal for a sightseeing trip around the city. You can go motorbike around the city and famous attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral…

  • Hanoi

    Hanoi Weather in March

    In March, Spring is coming to Hanoi. The temperature is perfect which is not too cold for outdoor activities with long sleeves and not too hot to sweat. Although, the biggest holiday in Vietnam has gone through but the festive atmosphere is still around the corner which offer a numerous of opportunities to explore Hanoi old and new. Hanoi weather in March is very mild, with good weather and sunny days at noon. The temperature in a day is 17-23 ° C, above average while humidity does not change much compared to February is 75%. March rainy day is not much about 4 days, the intensity of rain is higher…